Interior Design

. Whether we're conscious of this or not, our surroundings can affect us profoundly, both practically and emotionally. A fully functional, harmonious and uplifting environment enables positive flow-on effects in all areas of life. Perhaps the ultimate test of any space may simply be that it feels great to be in. To this end, eka designs hopes to create spaces that not only 'work' and look exceptional, but above all, that that people simply love being in.


eka designs is not about ostentatious flashiness or bland, textbook solutions. A relaxed, organic approach using natural materials wisely is foundational, however any number of design styles and preferences may be incorporated. Naturally, a clients' unique circumstances, needs and wishes will guide the overall design direction. Taking these into careful consideration before developing uniquely intuitive design concepts & seeing those concepts through to a completely satisfying outcome is our goal. 


eka designs welcomes residential & commercial projects with budgets large or small. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact us to discuss. Your initial discussion is complementary & obligation-free.